Every Leash has a Story…and a Dog


My name is “Rascal”
Dogs have always been man’s best friend, but even more so when you get an animal from your local animal rescue and local shelter. I was in San Francisco two weeks ago and stumbled upon Ryan Dempsey, and his company called “Dog Patch SF”. Dog Patch SF is a small San Francisco based company, focusing on dogs and cats and how to improve their lives through beneficial products and reaching out to a variety of animal charities and shelters. One of their main products are the dog leashes made out of recycling climbing rope,
“Ropes for Rescues”.

 People and businesses donate their old climbing ropes so that Ryan can make them into custom leashes, donate them to shelters and sell them at art fairs with the proceeds helping rescue dogs. I love how Ryan printed up a paper with a personal vision of the climber’s journey and a tidbit about them.






Dog Patch owner, Ryan Dempsey and his sweet Australian Shepherd named “Rascal”



IMG_4104 IMG_4106   IMG_4109

Show Ryan your support for his cause by “liking” his Facebook page.



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