A New Year: “Be True to Yourself and You Will Never Fall”


Starting my 2014 year with working on designs for stationery notecards and gift tags



I have been silent for awhile, it has been three months this week that I was laid off from my graphic design job. You would think with all the extra hours, I would be posting blogs on a weekly basis. Those hours were spent catching up on rest, getting rid of stuff that clutters your house, your mind, and spending time with friends that were missed. Being a creative person, one needs to replenish the creative spirit. One of the ways I started doing this in the New Year was being around creative like minded people. When I was in Los Angeles I was so excited to attend a calligraphy workshop by the talented Lauren E. from Blue Eye Brown Eye. The workshop was held at one of my favorite blogger’s studio, DesignLoveFest in the downtown Art District. Bri’s upstairs studio is an a wonderful building full of creative artists that compliment each other. The space is called

The Unique Space

1275 E 6th St

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Neighborhoods: Arts District, Downtown









IMG_4620 IMG_4621 IMG_4622 IMG_4623 IMG_4624 IMG_4625 IMG_4626 IMG_4627  IMG_4652 IMG_4653 IMG_4651

The Calligraphy Workshop


IMG_4643   IMG_4678 IMG_4679

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When in Paris~Culture Chanel N05 Exhibit

Chanel News

Palais de Tokyo

13 Avenue du Président Wilson

75016 Paris, France

May 5 – June 5, 2013

Chanel: Livre d’Artistes is released in conjunction with the “N°5 Culture Chanel” exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Created by renowned book-maker Irma Boom, Chanel features 600 pages embossed with Boom’s original designs and quotes from Gabrielle Chanel in French. The monochromatic white pages provide the perfect backdrop for Boom to display her raised, braille-like patterns. Boom’s embossings play with the senses, capturing the essence of the Chanel N°5 fragrance through touch.

  • Irma Boom (Dutch, born 1960)
  • Attended AKI Art Academy in Enschede, and studied Graphic Design
  • Founded her studio in Amesterdam in 1991
  • Youngest ever, being honored with Gutenberg Prize in 2001 for outstanding achievement as a painter, composer and artist
  • Has  a permanent collection in the Museum of Art, New York City








“COWBOYS, just like the word says”~John Wayne

I grew up in Hollywood, so most people when they think of cowboys, think of John Wayne, famous for his slow drawl and distinctive gravelly voice. He is most famous for his Western movies like “Stagecoach” (1939), “The Alamo” (1960), and “True Grit” (1969).

6 cowboys

“Escondido Dale” watercolor by Eileen Tomson

I graduated from college with a BFA in Illustration, and one of my favorite illustrators, just happens to paint images of horses and cowboys. His name is Don Weller and he grew up in Pullman, Washington, his passion being horses and art.

Mr. Weller graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Fine Art. He moved to Los Angeles where he spent his time doing graphic design and illustration. His work appeared on record covers, posters, and magazine covers.  Later in life, he ended up moving with his family to Oakley, Utah, where once again he came back to his love of horses. After I graduated college, I had a greeting card company named Jag Graphics, located in downtown San Diego. I received a framed present from an artist who knew that I admired Don Weller’s work. He received it at the San Diego Communicating Arts Group. It has made it through many moves from San Diego, to Seattle, Northern California, Los Angeles, and all the way to Nashville, TN. I must really be fond of this poster! Don Weller would be proud. Below are some of my favorite paintings that Mr. Weller did.  I love the sense of humor in the work with the Marlboro man looking in shock at a cowgirl doing a yoga pose.

don weller


“Marlboro Man in Shock” by Don Weller


“Waitin and Watchin” by Don Weller


“Family Tradition” by Don Weller


“Next Loop” by Don Weller




Tokyo Olympics 2020


The symbol of the Olympic games is composed of five interlocking rings,

  • blue          PMS 3005C
  • yellow      PMS 137C
  • black        PMS 426C
  • green        PMS 355C
  • red            PMS 192C

The design was originally designed in 1912 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, co-founder of the Olympic teams. The six colours, including the white background, reproduce all the colours that appeared on all the national flags that competed in the Olympics at that time

“The blue and yellow of Sweden, the blue and white of Greece, the tri- colours of France, England and America, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, the yellow and red of Spain next to the novelties of Brazil or Australia, with old Japan and new China. Here is truly an international symbol.”.

The emblem of the union was two interlaced rings (like the typical interlaced marriage rings) and originally the idea of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung for him, the ring symbolized continuity and the human being

The Olympic motto is: Hendiatris, which is Latin for “faster, higher and stronger







Chanel No. 5 +Warhol+Marilyn Monroe

When Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wore to bed at night, her reply was

“Two drops of Chanel No. 5”



Chanel No. 5 is a classic perfume that has been around for almost a century. The fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, launched this unique perfume in 1921 in Paris. The perfume was named after her lucky number, which was five. It was the first designer perfume, and the most famous of all perfumes by Coco Chanel.


Chanel No. 5.

It has been said that the artist, Andy Warhol, gave Chanel No. 5 a new breath of fresh air with packaging that he designed for Chanel’s 75th Anniversary. Warhol’s contract stated that he would only design the packaging for Coco Chanel’s perfume if the original elegant square shape of the  bottle remained unchanged throughout time. The perfume’s square shaped bottle had a modernity about it, unique to its time of release, with black and white as key elements.

To this day, Chanel No. 5  has the same square shape, never to be updated to anything other.  The famous packaging that Warhol designed helped the sales of the perfume by being bought by many of his celebrity friends that he partied with at his famous New York  studio, The Factory.

The main components of the Chanel No. 5 are four flowers: rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and sandlewood, with jasmine being the most important ingredient.










 Shane Bowden, BFA, MFA, AIPP

The artist Shane Bowden was born in Brisbane, Australia  on March 7, 1974.  Mr. Bowden now works in Honolulu, Hawaii, his gallery is called LeBlank . Mr Bowden has been called Andy Warhol on steroids. His Chanel No.5 series are original hand pulled silkscreens on canvas.

Louis vs Coco

Louis vs Coco

SBS0005 Chanel, Chanel, Chanel

Chanel Chanel Chanel

SBS 8 New stripe chanel

New Stripe Channel

SBS0010 Pollock was Here

Pollack Chanel




Shangri-La ~ Doris Duke an American heiress


Shangri-La: A distant and secluded hideaway, usually of great beauty and peacefulness.

At the young age of 12, Doris Duke became the richest girl in the world when her father, James Buchanan Duke magnate behind a tobacoo and energy empire and benefactor of Duke University, died. In 1935, returning from a honeymoon through the Islamic world, Doris Duke stopped over in Hawaii and fell in love with the people, the climate, surfing and the Hawaiian way of life. She was captivated by the beauty, the weather and the privacy Hawaii offered her from the public eye and the New York social scene.

Shangri La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise, and legendary tobacco heiress Doris Duke (1912–1993) had found hers in Hawaii, so she built a home there, and named it Shangri La, after the fictitious place in James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon.


Doris Duke’s Shangri La mansion is near Diamond Head just outside Honolulu is now owned by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art.

She was also a major collector of Islamic art, assembling a collection of more than 2,500 pieces and exhibiting it throughout her Honolulu home Shangri La—a sustained effort of nearly 60 years.

1885097623421759328_7cfeb96b86_o480867714_1d7cdf5e5a_b 480868828_1b52031d6a_b 480866290_dcadbe9d02_b 377149_337016652990867_1167858493_n 251864_406291822741108_1508128130_n 480878401_585d0e5525_b 2666056684_6daac364ea_b 2665258991_503e82f037_b480864232_95a9599fab_b3420932289_944e0b5e42_o doris-duke-03 4280615968_bcb42cddd4_b Shangri-La-Hawaii Shangri-La-architectureSuzani dance


Doris Duke at Shangri La in 1966, photographed by Horst for Vogue.