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Repetition of Dog – eileen art





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Street Art in Amsterdam

Definition of Repetition:
2. “ Repetition is the repeating of some element or aspect of a design. The act of repeating; repeated action, perfromance, production, or presentation.
Definition of Moreing: 
1. “ Moreing is an artform. It’s the curated multiplying of the same object
in one space. It was first seen in 2012 and is believed to have its roots
in fashion before progressing into street art. The ‘Morer’ creates impact through repetition, structure, and artistic sensibility.”

Leo Addison, artist – The Glue Society on Vimeo

Repetition of Cats


Bruce Munro Lights ~ Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art

“Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna to be alright” ~ Bob Marley

chinese laturns

“Happy Moon Festival”  art by eileen tomson

I am fortunate enough to live by Cheekwood, a 55 acre estate built by the Maxwell House Coffee fortune~”good to the last drop”. The now Museum of Art is housed in the 30,000 square foot Georgian-style mansion.

Cheekwood Mansion

Last night I attended the opening of the Bruce Munro Light exhibit, an outdoor art installation by British artist, Bruce Munro. This is the exhibit’s second time in North America. Designing and creating Light, took over 6,500 hours and installing took 2,000 hours. Bruce Munro is an artist known for immersive large-scale light based installations inspired by his interest in shared human experience. Recording ideas and sketchbooks has been his practice of over 30 years; doing so, he has captured his responses to stimuli such as music, literature, science, and the world around him for reference, reflection, and subject matter. The show transformed Cheekwood’s gardens into an enchanting, dream-like landscape. The installation, Field of Light, submerged the viewer within a landscape of 20,000 lighted glass spheres, each rising from the ground on a slender stem.

  • 4088 miles: The distance between the Bruce Munro Studio in England and Cheekwood Botanical Gardens & Museum of Art.
  • 19,822 lbs: The total weight of all the artwork loaded into two, 40 feet shipping containers.
  • 160 miles: The total number of miles of fiber optic cable used in Light at Cheekwood. The cable is reusable and will one day be used to create new artworks.
  • 102: The number of light projectiors used across the exhibition;a mixture of LED, halogen, and metal halide models.

(Fun facts provided by Cheekwood)

Bruce_Munro-620x496 nashville arts3

nashville arts 2 nashvillearts4